CIE-UK Membership

CIE-UK is supported by organisations interested in or concerned with the design, development and use of light. These include representatives of the lighting industry as well as universities, independent consultants and architects representing professional bodies. There are four levels of membership:

  1. Sponsoring organisation
  2. Co-operating organisation
  3. University or college
  4. Individual member

Members are able to purchase CIE publications at a reduced rate, participate in CIE-UK meetings, and participate in CIE technical committees.

For details of CIE-UK membership, contact the Executive Secretary, Allan Howard.

What membership of CIE-UK means to me

Three of the current trustees describe what they gain from membership of CIE-UK.

University Member
Steve Fotios, University of Sheffield

The annual fee (in 2023) for university membership is £245. In return, there are three major benefits.

The first is a direct benefit: CIE-UK offers financial support to attend CIE conferences. By essentially subsidising travel costs, this has enabled me to take PhD students to conferences when otherwise this would not have been possible. As with society in general, the CIE population is aging, and needs young recruits to gradually take over… For the CIE2023 conference, CIE-UK has offered to support the travel, accommodation and registration costs for the seven people attending from the University of Sheffield.

Second, membership of CIE-UK enables participation in CIE technical committees. These produce the guidance documents and standards which put our research into practice. The publication and use of these documents can contribute to REF impact evidence.

Finally, membership of CIE-UK allows us to contribute to CIE policies. One recent example of this was to propose a new approach to setting the CIE research strategy.

Co-operating Member
Nigel Parry, Orangetek

The CIE provides the opportunity for companies to collaborate in a way that is good for business but also fair and transparent, with unique networking platforms at a variety of levels.

Working on future guidance when developing technical reports provides manufacturing companies with the ability to foresee new challenges and opportunities and ensure products will be available when the standards are published.

Individual Member
Allan Howard

Access to core research on a wide range of light & lighting topics so I can maintain my understand of how the consideration and application of light & lighting is developing / progressing. I can then consider any changes affecting client applications, advising on what is developing rather than having to react to a change.

Fantastic network opportunities linking me to a wealth of international expertise through participating in Technical Committee work, aiding my understanding of the application of light, how it is undertaken elsewhere whilst also being able to contribute to the discussions.

Discount on CIE publications.

Latest Events

30th Quadrennial Session of the CIE

15 September 2023 to 23 September 2023

Ljubljana, Slovenia

More information available at:

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7 December 2023