symbol What is CIE-UK?

CIE-UK (the National Illumination Committee of Great Britain) consists of the Board of Trustees which comprises the Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary, and the Committee which currently includes representatives of the member organisations as well as the individual members. The British CIE Division representatives are also members of the Committee. The prime function of the Committee is to establish the technical policy, to oversee the GB activities in the CIE technical programme and to disseminate information to members.

The NIC keeps in close touch with developments throughout the world, both in research and in practical applications, by personal contact as well as via the issues of the CIE News and CIE Division Activity Reports. It also ensures that the British contributions are made known and properly recognised in other countries.

symbol Membership

The National Illumination Committee of Great Britain is supported by organisations interested in or concerned with the design, development and use of light. These include representatives of the lighting industry as well as universities, independent consultants and architects representing professional bodies. There are four levels of membership:

  • Sponsoring organisation
  • Co-operating organisation
  • University or college
  • Individual member

Members are able to purchase CIE publications at a reduced rate.

Details of membership of CIE-UK may be obtained from the Executive Secretary, Mr Allan Howard.

symbol Finance

The CIE is supported financially by the National Illumination Committee of each member country which contributes according to a Central Bureau allocation based on the scale of assessments for the contribution of Member States of the United Nations Organisation. Each NIC depends on contributions from supporting organisations, income from the sale of published Technical Reports and Standards and from the organisation of seminars.

As a Registered Charity the main income of CIE-UK is derived from membership subscriptions. These are set in order to meet the annual CIE Subvention which is the CIE-UK contribution to the CIE worldwide operating expenses. In addition the CIE-UK has a "1975 Fund" that is used to support specific activities relating to the work of CIE.