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The National Illumination Committee of Great Britain (CIE-UK) is the member body for Great Britain of the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE), the world authority on the science, technology and standardisation of light, lighting and vision.

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CIE Publications to increase in price - but if you join CIE-UK the price remains the same!

The price of CIE Publications is to increase by 50% but, if you join CIE-UK, the discount offered is such that members will continue to pay the current rate.

Thus there is an even greater incentive to join CIE-UK!

symbol What is the CIE?

The CIE is the international organisation that is active in all professional matters related to light, lighting and image technology. Today, some 40 countries are affiliated with CIE. These countries span all continents and range from developed to developing countries. CIE forms an independent forum of international cooperation by more than 1000 committed professional experts with backgrounds ranging from researchers, specifiers, designers, consultants and architects, manufacturers, governmental and municipal institutions, energy suppliers to end-user representatives.


symbol What is the CIE-UK?

CIE-UK (the National Illumination Committee of Great Britain) consists of the Board of Trustees which comprises the Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary, and the Committee which currently includes representatives of the member organisations as well as the individual members. The British CIE Division representatives are also members of the Committee. The prime function of the Committee is to establish the technical policy, to oversee the GB activities in the CIE technical programme and to disseminate information to members.


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Trustee Meeting
19 April 2017
WSP House, London

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28 June 2017 at WSP House, London